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F Basically had to cancel the order. They never shipped the item. Kept putting me off. I waited 9 weeks and still nothing. no answers at all. Charged my card and I had to call the credit card comp.
Seller 02/24/2014 6:39 PM
F Purchased an Ak-47 on November 26, 2013. Was originally told that I should have the item before Christmas. Item never came and now the seller will not return my emails or phone calls.
Seller 02/23/2014 11:32 AM
C Still waiting for rifle. 11/15/2013
Seller 02/06/2014 5:27 PM
F Paid 11/3/13 for upper, Still no upper. Was told reason for delay was no BGC in stock, I told them to send the upper without BCG. That was in December. Never came. Now will not return my call or msg.
Seller 01/28/2014 10:04 AM
F Pd.for NiB BCG,seller full of excuses-stated item to ship soon,item never shipped.Ended up demanding the or a refund.Still waiting on refund~12 weeks since auction.Don'tAuctionStockYouNeverEvenHad!
Seller 01/24/2014 8:25 AM
F Beware! I ignored the warnings, you shouldn't. Ordered 11/6,no delivery or expectation given as of 12/28. I was ok with the promised 3-5 weeks but not with 7 weeks and counting. Nothing is worth it!
  Response: (left on 1/3/2014) No promise of 5 weeks was made & you have been to our shop as well yesterday. Your payment cleared in late Nov. The estimated lead time in your paperwork has not even expired yet, read paperwork pls.
Seller 12/28/2013 5:03 PM
F F! Placed/paid order 10/08/13. Never received item. was told they sold item they didnt have stocked. Said it would be a week. Back and forth. Asked for refund. Still havent received. MAKE THIS RIGHT11
  Response: (left on 12/21/2013) Sorry that late BCG shipment sucked! We do offer refunds on parts and yours was processed. Sometimes they take a while to post it is up to your credit card providers policy. Will research for you now
Seller 12/18/2013 1:10 AM
A Never did get the BCG but finally got my refund! Who knows, maybe SureSurvival might put one under the Xmas tree for my loooonnnngggg patience I held with them!
  Response: (left on 12/15/2013) Thanks for that, those damn BCGs were a pain appreciate your patience!
Seller 12/14/2013 2:48 PM
Seller 12/09/2013 3:38 PM
A+ Highest rating. Excellent service and cooperation. I will be a return customer.
Seller 12/03/2013 11:50 AM
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