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A+ Great Seller! Easy Transaction! Fast Shipping! Highly Recommended!
Seller 04/24/2017 10:17 AM
A+ Item was delivered as described and is in great condition. Seller was also easy to communicate with and delivered the item within a timely manner and the transaction was completed with ease.
Seller 04/13/2017 5:07 PM
A+ Great deal. Happy with rifle and received very fast in great shape. Thanks
Seller 04/09/2017 5:11 PM
F After calling,sending pix of package & the dried,cheap O-ring he said I broke it.I only received 1 of 2 items paid for.He is the LIAR saying he personally packed them DUH.I would say that also.Did he?
  Response: (left on 4/3/2017) All I asked is if he received a broken o ring and he didn't reply, then posted negative feedback. He wanted to get refund and KEEP the flashlight! I didn't agree! Replacing the o ring isn't an issue!
Seller 04/03/2017 9:03 AM
A+ Great to deal with . No probs. Very happy
Seller 04/01/2017 11:56 AM
A+ Thank you excellent
Seller 03/31/2017 7:11 PM
F I paid for two items 632121267& 632122348 only the first item was received.He states he shipped both in same package which he DIDNOT He was impossible to understand & arrogant.I want refund BEWARE
  Response: (left on 4/1/2017) Liar! I packaged them with care!
Seller 03/31/2017 5:17 PM
A+ Very easy transaction & received my item quickly. Excellent Rating.
Seller 03/28/2017 8:45 AM
A+ Extremely easy transaction. Fast shipping, great item. Thank you.
Seller 03/26/2017 8:49 AM
A+ Super fast delivery, well made, good quality.
Seller 03/24/2017 8:31 PM
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