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F Beware this guy. Slow pay. Poor communication. Dishonest. Fraudulent.
Buyer 12/29/2015 10:42 AM
F Beware this guy. Slow pay. Poor communication. Dishonest. Fraudulent.
Buyer 12/29/2015 10:41 AM
A+ Item was exactly as shown. Extremely happy with our transaction and highly recommend this seller.
Seller 12/03/2015 11:48 AM
A+ A+++++++! John has awesome AK products and he ships promptly. Knowledgable and great to work with . Thx!
Seller 11/13/2015 7:37 AM
A+ Excellent transaction, first class Merch.A++++++++++++++
Seller 11/09/2015 6:26 PM
A+ Very nice item, thanks for the quick shipping!
Seller 10/27/2015 9:52 AM
A+ Quick and reliable shipping.
Seller 10/26/2015 4:55 PM
F Since 05 Oct, and each and every day since, I have tried all means possible to contact this seller for postage amount. Phone, emails, and GB sent a message on day 4. Day 6 today, not 1 response, ZERO
  Response: (left on 10/14/2015) im back. I was out for a week traveling packing unpacking boxtruck of parts with knob creek machinegun shoot. sorry for delay. my feedback is officially ruined now. 15 knob creek weeks and mdarms bam!
    Follow Up: (left on 10/27/2015) BUYER BEWARE!! This seller left no information that he was going to be away, and now leaves me F feedback! Obviously refuses to accept any accountability for his own shortcomings and blames others!
Seller 10/11/2015 6:40 PM
F Rude & made outlandish accusations & threats after I questioned his dishonesty. We had worked out a deal on a large quantity of these PKM rivets. Glad I sampled first! Beware of misrepresentation.
  Response: (left on 10/6/2015) md arms laid low for years after failure at copying russian quadstack mags
    Follow Up: (left on 10/10/2015) Lol. You have no clue what your talking about. hurt because I didn't buy 100 plus sets of unusable junk. All but your ejector rivets don't match a single spec!
Seller 10/04/2015 10:10 AM
F 2 weeks + to ship. Seller adamantly said these PK rivets were factory spec. Far from it! Way over sized in all dimensions; head and shaft diameter and length & don't even fit receivers or most parts.
  Response: (left on 10/6/2015) pirated my rivet specs after bought pkm not pkt accidently bought 2 sets himself and trashed my feedback while copying my items saying he can make then cheaper by cnc!
Seller 10/04/2015 10:10 AM
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