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F Seller has failed to ship gun after receiving money order immediately following auction sale on 1/11/04. No response to more than fifteen emails. They WILL go to jail!
mtdiablo A+(22) (No longer a registered user)
Seller 04/07/2004 1:27 AM
F you are a crook,a dirt bag,and a peace of crap. I hope you die a painfull death soon!
Seller 03/12/2004 2:48 AM
F Took my money and never sent my gun. FBI is investigating right now. DON'T DEAL WITH GUNFINDER!
Seller 03/08/2004 10:56 PM
F No replies, no merchandise, phone lines are disconnected. DO NOT BUY FROM! A POX on these people !!
Seller 03/03/2004 4:42 PM
F I repeatedly contacted seller and have one reply. Still have not recvd item yet.
Seller 02/29/2004 9:51 AM
A+ Excellent service and product. Thanks!
Seller 02/24/2004 9:06 AM
F As of now, 4 Federal Agencies are involved in this investigation, with possibly others waiting in the wings. Don't drop the soap, Cliff.
  Response: (left on 1/13/2004) We had significant internal problems which are now cleared up. Sorry for the delay and poor service.
    Follow Up: (left on 1/14/2004) ON 01/08/04 I notified Gunfinders that within 10 business days if full refund was not in hand, Complaint will be filed w/Postal Inspectors & BATF
Seller 02/22/2004 8:24 PM
F never delivered item or refunded money
txgm A+(4) (No longer a registered user)
Seller 02/19/2004 8:38 PM
F Payed w/CC because they never received my check? After CC payment they attempted to cash the check. NO GUN-NO ANSWERS-THIS IS A SCAM OPERATION-DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GUNFINDER
Seller 02/16/2004 2:07 PM
D Never shipped item will not refund money and fails to respond to my inquiries. Criminals
    Follow Up: (left on 2/16/2004) Called local police and the case against Gunfinder has been refered to the FBI
Seller 02/15/2004 6:06 PM
Found 1150 items
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