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Welcome to! Here at we believe in the importance of researching major purchases like firearms and other weapons and their accessories. After all, you want your firearms to operate at peak functionality alongside their respective parts and accessories. Take a moment to learn a little bit about the history and specs of Beretta shotguns before you browse our auction pages so you'll be ready to make a purchase once you find the perfect model. If you're planning on selling your own Beretta shotgun, feel free to borrow from our information here when you write you product description to keep buyers interested.

Beretta Shotguns History & Specs

A renowned name in the firearms industry, Beretta has five hundred years of experience behind its name, and is in fact still owned by the same family. While Beretta is known for designing and producing excellent rifles, shotguns and pistols – as well as submachine guns and other firearms – the company's standards for all are high and each type of firearm is respected in its field. Beretta makes both over/under and semi-automatic shotguns, to much acclaim.

With dozens of models to appeal to both civilian and law enforcement markets, Beretta makes a variety of tactical, competition and field shotguns. While tactical Beretta shotguns are pump action, allowing them to be made more affordably and to operate more reliably, field and competitive models are either over/under or semi-automatic shotguns. Beretta shotguns are considered reliable and accurate by various types of shooters who rely on the long Beretta history of excellence.

Beretta Shotguns for Sale Today

Today Beretta shotguns are popular choices for law enforcement, home defense and particularly sport shooting like skeet. This respected name in firearms will keep Beretta shotguns popular for years to come.

Now that you've learned a little bit about the company behind these shotguns, check out our selection of Beretta shotguns for sale today. Remember that if you don't see what you're looking for today you should check back later – listings update every day and the shotgun, part or accessory you're looking for is bound to be auctioned off sometime soon. Enjoy the ease and simplicity of listing your own Beretta shotgun today, and write your description using what you learned here.

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