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About the Bolo Knife

The bolo knife originated in the Philippines and is a large knife similar in size to the machete. A popular farming tool in the Philippines, Indonesian jungles, and sugar cane fields in Cuba, the bolo knife is used for clearing vegetation and trail blazing. Farmers use the bolo knife to cut coconuts and harvest crops such as rice, mung beans, soybeans, and peanuts.

The bolo knife became famous during the Philippine Revolution between 1896 and 1898. It was the primary weapon of the Katipunan, the Philippine revolutionary society who sought independence from Spain. Monuments of notable Katipuneros depict them holding a Katipunan flag in one hand and a bolo knife in the other. The bolo knife was also used in the Philippine-American War, and both World Wars.

Bolo Knife Specifications

The Bolo knife has a single-edged, convex blade. The hilt is typically made from hardwood or the horn of a carabao, a water buffalo native to the Philippines. Designed with the center of gravity as forward as possible, chops from the bolo knife carry extra momentum, a feature found useful in farming and combat.

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