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DMR Rifle Basics

DMR is short for "designated marksman rifle." Used by soldiers in the role of designated marksman, the DMR needs to be highly accurate in the range between a regular soldier and that used by a sniper. Typically, the DMR range is somewhere 250 and 600 meters. DMRs are often equipped with a telescopic sight and fire in semi-automatic mode, as opposed to bolt action sniper rifles.

DMR Rifle History

Perhaps the most well-known DMR is the M14. This battle rifle was used as the United States military's standard service rifle between 1959 and 1964, before being replaced by the M16. However, a modified DMR-version of the rifle was introduced and used at the beginning of the 21st century by United States Marines in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This modification is emblematic of the way DMRs come about. Many countries' militaries will change their standard service weapon to enhance its accuracy and give it a full-power cartridge, while still maintaining the rapid rate of fire that DMRs need.

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