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The FFL Holder Network is designed to make it easier for a buyer to get in touch with a local FFL holder in his local area that is willing to manage the transfer of the buyer's firearms purchase. The FFL holder will typically charge a nominal fee for providing this service. In addition to the fees listed, the FFL holder may be required by law to collect sales tax, background check fees, or other transfer-related fees.

It is very important that you contact the FFL holder before placing a bid on an item to verify the complete cost of the transfer, to verify the legality of the item in your area, and to make sure you qualify to pass any required background checks.

If you are an FFL Holder and would like to be listed, click here.

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Zip Code Results for: 99115

Approximate Distance: 17.58 miles

Shep Douglas
Back Roads Arms
17 N 3rd ST
Almira, WA 99103
Email: Click here to email me

Phone: 509-639-2355
Fax: 509-639-2215
Hours: Varies...

Long Gun Fee: $25.00  Plus 7.7% WA State Sales Tax
Hand Gun Fee: $35.00  Price is each for Multiple 7.7% WA State Sales Tax
NICS Fee: $10.00  Plus 7.7% WA State Sales Tax
We are your local firearms, tactical and sporting goods store. Hours vary...we have direct with the manufacturer relationships with Aero Precision, Black Hole Weaponry, Rock River Arms and Cheytac. Contact us for all your needs today!

Approximate Distance: 23.56 miles

Kerry Higgins
Coulee Hardware
416 Midway
Grand Coulee, WA 99133
Email: Click here to email me

Phone: 509-633-1090
Hours: 7:00am-6:00pm Mon-Sat, 8:00am-3:00pm

Long Gun Fee: $35.00  
Hand Gun Fee: $35.00  
NICS Fee: $35.00  
Click here to visit us on the web.

Approximate Distance: 24.67 miles

Oldedays Firearms
803 E. Poplar
PO Box 857
Waterville, WA 98858
Email: Click here to email me

Phone: 509-745-9567
Fax: 509-745-8085
Hours: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Mon - Fri; Evenings and weekends by appointment

Long Gun Fee: $100.00  
Hand Gun Fee: $100.00  
NICS Fee: $100.00  
Oldedays Firearms is your place to get the best prices around on new and used handguns, rifles, and shotguns. If you are wanting a new gun for hunting, personal defense or to simply go target shooting, we are the place for you.

Approximate Distance: 25.71 miles

John Millard
Millard Sales
361 Juniper Dr. BLDG A
Ephrata, WA 98823
Email: Click here to email me

Phone: 509-750-0399
Hours: Apointment only

Long Gun Fee: $20.00  
Hand Gun Fee: $20.00  
Small town guy like selling guns and helping people.

Approximate Distance: 29.20 miles

Verl's Sporting Goods
Marlin, WA 98832
Email: Click here to email me

Phone: 509-754-6032
Fax: 509-345-2417
Cell Phone: 509-345-2550

Long Gun Fee: $25.00  Plus 8% Sales Tax added
Hand Gun Fee: $25.00  Plus 8% Sales Tax added
We are a full line sporting goods dealer.

Approximate Distance: 30.02 miles

Doug or Tyler Diaz
Bunker Firearms & Ammo
5227 Road K NE
Moses Lake, WA 98837
Email: Click here to email me

Phone: 509-361-5160
Cell Phone: 509-361-5160
Hours: By appointment for your convenience

Long Gun Fee: $30.00  
Hand Gun Fee: $30.00  
NICS Fee: $30.00  
Bunker Firearms & Ammo is a home based, family owned, full service FFL dealership serving the greater Moses Lake, WA area and specializing in meeting your special order needs. We can complete your FFL transfer, order your exact firearm by make and model and have inventory stock in our soon to be constructed gun shop for your convenience. We manage a low inventory to keep our overhead down but have access to thousands of firearms. Why buy from a big box store run by a faceless corporation when you can special order your exact firearm from us by using our various suppliers and not be stuck with what the box stores have in stock. Need a transfer ? Want to special order a firearm ? Give us a call today !

Approximate Distance: 31.83 miles

Martin Flick
Ares Arsenal
12179 Rd. 5.6 N.E.
Moses Lake, WA 98837
Email: Click here to email me

Hours: 9 AM. to 5 P.M. Mon-Fri by appointment Sat-Sun

Long Gun Fee: $25.00  
Hand Gun Fee: $25.00  

Approximate Distance: 34.59 miles

L and J Sports
Moses Lake, WA 98837
Email: Click here to email me

Approximate Distance: 34.91 miles

Joe Fischnaller
Moses Lake Custom Rifles
601 S. Pioneer Way, Suite F-252
Moses Lake, WA 98837
Email: Click here to email me

Phone: 206-930-1818
Hours: 10:00to 3:00 Tuesday -- Thursday

Long Gun Fee: $35.00  
Hand Gun Fee: No Handguns
I am a gunsmith specializing in building exceptionally accurate benchrest rifles, tactical rifles, Varmint rifles, and high end custom hunting rifles. I also sell factory rifles, scopes, custom triggers, and various other items that relate to custom rifles. I have about 100 chamber reamers and go gauge sets for standard calibers as well as custom wildcat chamberings. I will build rifles on Mauser actions, and on any of the custom actions like Bat Machine, Nesika Bay (now Defiance), and on Remington 700 actions, which can be made very good by bluprinting and uniforming them. I prefer Bartlein and Lilja barrels, but will install any safe barrel that a customer wants. Many of the varmint rifles that I build will shoot fairly consistently under .250", and I have built benchrest rifles that shoot five shot groups well under that. We strive for a fast turnaround once all of the necessary parts are assembled. Give us a try. The rifle that you buy from us is likely to become your favorite the first time that you shoot it.

Approximate Distance: 40.09 miles

Brian Barrows
Quincy Custom Arms
420 o st. s.w.
quincy, WA 98848
Email: Click here to email me

Phone: 509-398-1753

Long Gun Fee: $25.00  
Hand Gun Fee: $25.00