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Heckler and Koch is a German defense manufacturing company founded in 1949 and provides firearms to armed forces in the Netherlands, Britain, US, and Germany.

When the German Federal Army needed a new infantry rifle in 1956, Heckler and Koch responded with the G3, a selective-fire automatic battle rife. The company won the business and the G3 battle rifle became standard infantry weaponry in 1959. Heckler and Koch went on to design and manufacture many notable firearms including the MP5 and HK33. In 1974, Heckler and Koch split into two companies - one focused on defense technology, and one focused on hunting and sports.

In 2004, Heckler and Koch’s defense branch won the largest pistol contract in law enforcement history by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; $26.2 million for up to 65,000 handguns.

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