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Founded in 1992 in Ohio, Hi-Point Firearms are used by shooters from all walks of life, including law enforcement, target shooters, hunters, campers, and civilians. Hi-Point Firearms, which claims to be one of the first American manufacturers to develop polymer frame-based weapons, makes a variety of handguns and carbines that are affordable, rugged, and reliable. A unique fact about Hi-Point Firearms weapons is that, no matter where they're purchased from and how many owners they've had, each comes with a lifetime unconditional warranty – no questions asked. All Hi-Point handgun models feature fully adjustable sights, high-impact grips, trigger locks, and magazine disconnect safeties. Two of the most popular Hi-Point Firearms gun models are the Hi-Point 45 ACP pistol and the Hi-Point 9MM Carbine rifle. Hi-Point Firearms are available in a slew of other calibers, including the Hi-Point .40 S&W and High-Point .380 ACP. All Hi-Point Firearms guns are customizable, offering add-ons like laser sights and more. Look for these Hi-Point accessories in our sellers' listings below.

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