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We bet you're thrilled to learn that you've arrived at the largest online gun auction site on the planet. At, our live auctions run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they're jam-packed with Hi-Point Firearms for sale. Hi-Point, which claims to be one of the first American manufacturers to develop polymer frame-based weapons, makes a variety of handguns and carbines that are affordable, rugged and reliable. Hi-Point Firearms are available in a slew of calibers, including the Hi Point .45 ACP, .40 S&W, Hi Point 9mm carbine and .380 ACP. Has all this Hi-Point talk piqued your interest a bit? If so, get ready to bid on, buy and sell Hi-Point Firearms right here, right now!

Information About Hi-Point Firearms

Founded in 1992 in Ohio, Hi-Point Firearms are used by shooters from all walks of life, including law enforcement, target shooters, hunters, campers and civilians. A unique fact about Hi-Point weapons is that, no matter where they're purchased from and how many owners they've had, each comes with a lifetime unconditional warranty – no questions asked. All Hi-Point handgun models feature fully adjustable sights, high-impact grips, trigger locks and magazine disconnect safeties. Hi-Point carbines, meanwhile, have black polymer stocks, internal recoil buffers, multiple Picatinny rails, fully adjustable sights, on/off thumb safeties, 10-shot magazines and trigger locks.

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Are you ready to bid on, buy and sell Hi-Point weapons that include an extensive line of pistols and carbines? If so, check out our always running auctions for Hi-Point Firearms for sale. For 20-plus years, Hi-Point has been manufacturing guns that enthusiasts continue to rely on both in the field and the home. To discover even more about Hi-Point, you can cruise over to the Product Center to read product reviews, view images and get the history of select guns and their manufacturers.

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