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If you're looking for hunting blinds you've come to the right place! You can buy hunting blinds through one of the many sellers listing their products here at, the world’s largest gun auction site. You may be interested in portable hunting blinds or even moving a larger stationary blind to your property. Hunting blinds can be valuable tools for duck hunting, deer hunting, along with game calls, game feeders and hunting decoys. sellers update their auction listings frequently, so if you’re looking to buy a particular type of hunting blind or other hunting gear, check back often.

Types of Hunting Blinds

Different game calls for different tools. Hunting blinds may be stationary or mobile, on the ground or in trees. Not only will hunting blinds conceal you from your prey, they can also offer some protection from the elements. Large, elevated tree stands in particular can look like small cabins in or around trees and will keep hunters fairly comfortable as they wait for deer or other game to approach. Deer blinds are not legal across the US so its on the hunter to check local laws before building one. Similarly, sinkbox hunting blinds, partially submerged for duck hunting, are not legal anywhere in the United States.

An early form of hunting blind was the cocking-cloth - a piece of sturdy cloth stretched on a frame that could be moved with the hunter as he approached pheasants and then shot then through a hole in the cloth. Hunting blinds can also be as simple as a ditch or hollow covered by brush or a dike the hunter makes a depression in in order to sit and wait for game. In some states camouflaged blinds must add some hunter's orange to the blind that is visible from all angles, so that hunters inside the blind can be safe from other shooters. Camouflage pop-up tents are another common style of hunting blind, while some hunters simply use specialized climbing equipment and seats to wait in large trees. There are a wide variety of hunting blinds available for all types of game.

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You can find the perfect hunting blind here at With thousands of auctions everyday is a great place to buy the type of hunting blinds and gear you need direct from like-minded hunters. Remember that if you don't see the model of hunting blind you want for sale today to check back later. Our auctions update every day and sometimes every hour, you're bound to find the hunting blind you're looking for soon. While you're here be sure to check out hunting guns, ammo, hunting jackets, pants and more.

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