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Welcome to! We are the largest gun auction site on the World Wide Web, and if you're looking for pocket pistols, you've come to the right place! Our auctions run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To inform our customers to improve their buying knowledge, we've compiled some information about pocket pistols. Read on to learn more about them, whether you're a seasoned shooter or brand new to the gun industry. If you're selling pocket pistols, feel free to use this information to expand your product descriptions.

Pocket pistols are any small, pocket-sized semi-automatic pistol, or any other handgun of relatively small caliber. These are great tools for personal defense. Easily carried in your jacket pocket, you may also carry them in a holster or elsewhere. The initial design of pocket pistols entail a single shot - one barrel, one round, starting with Derringer pistols in 1825. Later, single- and double-barrel derringer-style pistols were perfected by Remington in the late 1860s, and are still some of the easiest handguns for concealed carry to this day.

Today, small 9mm semi-autos have recently gone mainstream, and almost every major manufacturer is adding new entries to their lists. Some pocket pistols manufacturers include Beretta, DoubleTap, Glock, and more. Typically, pocket pistols are used for close range self-defense, deeply concealed to back up a larger handgun. Use a pocket holster to safely carry pocket pistols in a front or rear trouser pocket with nothing else in the pocket.

Now that you have some extra background information, browse our auction pages to find some new pocket pistols! Also find other pistols and revolvers, as well as shotguns and rifles. Build your gun collection today by shopping the 24/7 auctions on, where we'll make all your transactions run smoothly. Whether you're buying or selling on our site, offers everything you need.

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