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Rainier Arms Basics and History

Founded in 2005, Rainier Arms specializes in delivering quality AR15/M16s, plus all sorts of parts and accessories for these classic assault rifles. The AR15 or M16 was initially adopted by the United States military in 1969, replacing the M14 as the standard service weapon. To this day, the gun is used as a trusted multi-purpose by a vast amount of military personnel and law enforcement agencies all around the world. With the various AR15 parts and accessories made by Rainier Arms that you can find here on GunBroker.com, you can make sure that your trusty AR15 stays like-new and in tip-top shape. Browse our listings to find everything from high-end handguards and rails to top-quality Rainier Arms compensators and more. You can even replace your entire barrel with something particular from Rainier Arms and one of our trusted sellers, or find a fully assembled rifle that's ready to be brought straight to the range.

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