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If you're in the market for rifles to fit 223 Remington ammunition, you've come to the right place. is the world’s largest online gun auction site. Sellers offer the rifles from all the top manufacturers, including Remington, Surgeon and Heckler & Koch, to fit .223 Remington caliber cartridges.

The 411 on Remington 223 ammo

Cartridges for .223 Remington ammo were designed in 1964 to fit the new M16 service rifle that had been released two years earlier and was put into use by the U.S. Military during combat operations during the Vietnam War. Though the military uses 5.56×45mm NATO military cartridges, the 223 Remington cartridge became popular for civilian use because the availability of brass made it cheap to mass produce and it fit the chambering of most commercially available varmint rifles as well as the semiautomatic version of the M16, the AR-15.

223 Remington specifications

The ballistics for 223 Remington cartridges falls between its parent case, the .222 Remington, and the .222 Remington Magnum. The 223 Remington features a rimless, bottleneck case with an overall length of 2.26 inches (57 millimeters). The bullet is .224 inches (5.7mm) in diameter, just smaller than the .253-inch (6.4 mm) neck. The shoulder diameter extends to .376 inches (9mm), extending into the rim, which is .378 inches (9.6mm) in diameter and .045 inches (1.1mm) thick. The .223 Remington uses a small rifle primer. Maximum pressure for the cartridge was put at 55,000 Psi using the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute method.

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Remington 223 ammo is for sale every day at You can also buy popular rifle models made by Remington through one of the many sellers listing their products here at, the world's largest gun auction site. Remington has a rich tradition of creating quality firearms, and the Remington 223 is no exception. Sellers update their listings frequently, so if you're looking to buy a Remington 223 ammo or rifle scopes and accessories, check back often.

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