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Remington 870 shotguns are for sale daily here at If you're unfamiliar with the Remington 870, it's a popular shotgun that's used by sport shooters, hunters and civilians. Select law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and in other countries use the 870 as well, as do assorted military organizations. According to Remington Arms, which was founded in 1816 in New York, more than 10 million 870s have been sold since 1951, making it one of the best-selling shotguns in history. Now that you have all this knowledge in your memory bank, are you ready to bid on, buy and sell Remington 870 shotguns in our live online auctions? is the largest online gun auction site in the world, and our selection of Remington 870s does not disappoint.

Remington 870: A Story Worth Telling

It took a few valiant efforts by Remington Arms, but once the 870 Wingmaster hit the mainstream it became the stuff of legends. Developed in 1951, the 870 followed a series of three pump action shotguns – the Remington 10, Remington 29 and Remington 17 – and quickly became a must-have weapon due to, among other praises, its reliability, ruggedness and affordability. Designed by L. Ray Crittendon, Phillip Haskell, Ellis Hailston and G.E. Pinckney, the 870 is available in a variety of grades and configurations, including those for the field, trap and skeet. Its versatility allows for a wide array of barrel and choke options, and it comes available in everything from 12 gauge and 28 gauge to .410 gauge.

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The Remington 870 has an expansive history and as you can imagine, so does Remington Arms. If you're interested in learning all about the 870 and its iconic maker, you can visit the Product Center and do everything from read up on product reviews to view images. Before you do, take a look at our line of Remington 870 guns, parts and accessories for sale in our exciting online auctions. Live auctions run all the time morning, noon and night, so chances are you'll be able to bid on, buy and sell 870s with ease.

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