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In 1794, at a site in Springfield, Massachusetts chosen by George Washington and Henry Knox, an armory began manufacturing muskets for a young country and for the next 150 years became the major supplier of firearms for every major American conflict. With a start as the United States' primary arsenal during the U.S. Revolutionary War, the Springfield Armory has roots as deep as America itself. In 1975 the Springfield Armory produced the nation's first musket and quickly became the site of numerous innovations like interchangeable firearm parts for easy battlefield repairs, the adoption of an assembly line style of productions, and business practices like hourly wages. During the Spanish-American War the Springfield Armory fashioned a clip loading magazine rifle in which the cartridges were contained within the stock, to prevent the otherwise exposed magazine, as a response to the Spanish Mauser Model of 1893.

The tradition continued during World War I as the Springfield Armory produced over 250,000 Model 1903 rifles. Springfield Armory's most popular model, the M1 Garand, has been produced over 4.5 million times and it knows for its accuracy and durability. Later development produced the M14 which soon became the M21 sniper rifle and during the Vietnam War, the Springfield Armory produced machine guns and grenade launchers.

In 1974 the Reese family came to rescue not only the name of the armory, but the ideology that fueled its success for centuries. The Springfield Armory name was licensed to Robert Reese to from the Springfield Armory, Inc. located in Geneseo, Illinois. In an attempt to revive the armory, the Reese family resurrected the designs for the M1 Garand, the 1991 pistol, and the M14 rifle. has thousands of auctions available every day for the Spring Armory rifles, shotguns, or pistols you're looking for. As new auctions are beginning every day, be sure to check back often to find the best deal on Springfield Armory firearms, only at

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