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Problems with a Seller

(last updated on 4/13/2009)

If you cannot get in touch with the seller within the five-day window, you do not receive your item in a timely fashion, or you are having some other problem with the seller, please navigate to our Resolving Problems with the Seller wizard located on the For Buyers page. The wizard will help you get the issue resolved. You must allow 5 calendar days for the seller to respond to you. Please be patient, as some people do not check their email very often.

You can also use the Resolving Problems with the Seller web page to retrieve the full contact information for a Seller. This contact information includes their email address, phone number, name and mailing address information. At the bottom of the Resolving Problems with the Seller web page, enter the User Name of the Seller. You must have purchased an item from the Seller in order to request their contact information using that web page.

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