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Submitting feedback

(last updated on 2/12/2009)

At the completion of your transaction, you should post feedback on the seller. Feedback lets other users know how the seller handled his transaction with you. You can submit feedback using the Feedback form located on the For Buyers page.

When posting feedback, please be honest and unemotional about the transaction. Posting 'the seller is a jerk' is not very helpful or informative. Posting 'the seller contacted me promptly but took three weeks to ship the item' is informative and truthful.

The seller gets the chance to reply to your feedback, and you can post a follow-up to his response. To view another user's feedback, use the View User Feedback function located on the For Buyers page. While reviewing the user's feedback, you can delete or change the feedback you posted on that user or post a follow-up to his response.

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