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Navigation Overview- My GunBroker Lists

(last updated on 2/19/2008)

Customize My GunBroker - Navigation Overview:

You can customize views to suit the way you work. Different views have different customization options. The following customization tools apply to all of My GunBroker:

1. Filter Items

2. Sort Options
3. Number of Items Displayed
4. Paging/Change Page
5. Time Period
6. Select/Deselect All
7. Multiple Row Functions
8. Print Items
1. Filter Items:

You can narrow your view by filtering the items in your view.

Each view begins with a green header bar where the View Title title is displayed. Next to the title of the views, there is a set of links, such as Show: All (6) | Active (5) | Ended (1). To narrow the displayed list of items, click on one of the links. Black, Bold type will indicate which filter is currently being used.

Sort Options:

You may want to see your items in a certain order. For example, you may want to see the items you're selling in order of Current Price, or you may want to see the items you've bid on in order of Time Left.

The label that is used to sort the results is indicated with a small arrow to the right of the label. The arrow indicates if the list sorts in ascending order or descending order .

To change the sort preference, click the label or header at the top of the column you want to sort. The first time you click on a label, the list sorts in ascending order (least to most, or soonest to furthest away in time). The second time you click, the list sorts in descending order (most to least, or furthest away in time to soonest).

Number of Items Displayed:

You can set the number of items you'd like to see in a particular view.
To change the number of items displayed in a view:

From the "Items" in each view menu, click on the arrows to display a drop down list.
Select the number of items you want to display in that view.
Click the "Go" button. This value is held for this view during your entire session.

Paging/Change Page:

At the bottom of each list is a box showing which page you are viewing.

Click the arrow icons to display a different page of items. You can also type a page number in the box and press enter, and the view will go directly to that page.

<< Displays the first page. < Displays the previous page. > Displays the next page. >> Displays the last page.

Time Period:

To change the time period, use the Period drop down list in the lower right hand corner to select the time period for the items you want to view. Select a new value from the drop down list, then click "Go". This value is held for this view during your entire session.

Select/Deselect All:

To select all the items in a view, click the checkbox in the header column. To deselect all, click the checkbox again.

To select (or deselect) a single or multiple item(s) from a list, select (or deselect) the checkbox next to the item(s) you want to select or deselect.

Multiple Row Functions:

After you select multiple items from a list, use the function button ("Remove", "Delete", etc.) to perform an action on multiple items.

Print Items:

To print the item list, select the printer icon This will open the view by itself. From that window, you can use the browser's print function to print the items in the view.