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Using the Show Items I'm Bidding On View

(last updated on 10/2/2007)
"Show Items I'm Bidding On" View:

From this view, you will be able to see all items that you are currently bidding on - including those that you’re winning or not winning. You can also place bids directly from this view.

  • Prices of those items that you are currently winning appear in green; those that you are not currently winning appear in red.
  • To see all of the items you are Bidding On, or just those that you are Winning or are Not Winning, use the link filter in the green header bar.
  • To bid on items directly from this view, click the Select icon and choose "Bid" or "Buy Now!" (if offered).
  • To read a full item description, click on the item number or item name to bring up the full item listing.
  • After a listing ends: The listing automatically moves to the "Items I've Won" or "Items I Didn't Win" views.

Click Select  to bring up a menu of Actions specific to that item:

Select this Action: To do this:
Buy Now! End Bidding and Buy the item immediately
Bid Bid on the item