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All Selling Overview

(last updated on 6/23/2008)

"All Selling" View:

From this view, you will be able to manage all your selling views:

"Show Scheduled Items" View:
From this view, you will be able to manage items that you have scheduled to start in the future. Scheduling gives you the flexibility to list items at a starting day and time you choose in advance.
"Show Items I'm Selling" View:
Details about all of the items you are currently selling will display here. Note: After an item ends, it will appear in either your "Items I've Sold" or "Unsold Items" view
"Show Items I've Sold" View:
Details about all of the items you've sold will display here. From this view, you'll be able to manage your post-sale activities, such as sending invoices to your buyers and leaving feedback. Color-coded icons indicate the transaction activities of the item.
"Show My Unsold Items" View:
Details about the items you listed but that did not sell will display here. These items may have received no bids, not received bids meeting your reserve price, or not sold for another reason. You can relist an item directly from this view.
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