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Why am I being charged a $1 Activation fee?

(last updated on 6/28/2012)

Customers that use a Registration Email Address from a company that offers free email addresses are charged a $1 fee for account activation. It is not a monthly recurring fee.

Text regarding the $1 charge appears on the registration page. Additional text regarding the charge also appears when the user enters the email address information, as well as, before a user verifies the account.

This $1 fee is applied to your account when you submit your information for activation and is due regardless of whether the account was successfully activated. This fee is not a recurring monthly fee.

There are three places in the registration process where we reference the $1 activation fee for users of freely available email accounts:

1. Referenced on the main registration page:

2. Referenced when the user enters the email information:

3. Referenced when the user confirms the contact information. The user must select the check mark in order to continue:

4. Once a user creates an account and has confirmed the Contact Information, a fourth page is displayed which restates the $1 fee is required for activation purposes.