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What is a Fixed Price Item?

(last updated on 10/19/2011) now offers selling of Fixed Price items has started offering sellers the ability to sell items in a fixed price format. This is different than the Buy Now feature that is offered because these items sell only at the set price and there is no bidding. Fixed price items allow the seller to list multiple of the same item for sale at one time, in one listing. Buyers are able to buy one or many up to the quantity available for sale.

Fixed price items offer the seller the ability to list one or more items for sale at a set price per item. When a buyer purchases the item it is sold immediately. If the buyer purchases less than the total quantity available, the listing will relist with the remaining quantity available for others to buy.

When you sell an item at a fixed price, the buyer has the convenience of buying the item immediately at a known price and is able to purchase more than one item at the same time. When the buyer goes to purchase they will be able to select a quantity between 1 and the total quantity available. They will purchase that quantity at the selling price per item.

Example: A seller has 10 Taurus PT92 Magazines and would like to receive $25.00 per item. The seller would list the item as a Taurus PT92 Magazine with the complete description of it, the quantity will be 10 and the price will be $25.00 each. When the buyer goes to purchase the item they can purchase between 1 and 10 magazines at $25.00 each. If the buyer purchases 4 of them the buyer will owe the seller $100.00 for the items. The seller will owe the final value fee on the $100.00 transaction. After this purchase the listing will relist with the remaining 6 items for sale at $25.00 each.

Fixed Price Summary

Quantity Between 1 and 9,999
Listing Duration 30, 60 or 90 days
What happens upon sale? Listing runs for duration selected or until quantity sells out which ever comes first. When an item is sold the listing will relist as a new item number. There are no fees charged for relisting that occur within the original quantity or duration.
What can I sell? Anything as long as all items in the listing are identical in every way (type, size, capacity, condition, etc.)
Visibility Fixed price items will display in search results with a fixed price indicator (similar to pictures and reserve) and the Buy Now! Icon.
Auto Relist Fixed price items do not auto relist.
Manual Relist Users can relist a fixed price item manually. Manual relists are charged all applicable listing fees when the item is listed.
Listing Fees Listing fees apply if additional features are selected at the time of the original listing.
Final value fee A final value fee is charged each time there is a sale of your items. The fee is charged at the time of the sale.
Changes You may edit most parts of your listing as long as it is active.