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AOL users - Why do I see blurry pictures using AOL?

(last updated on 12/13/2007)

AOL users may see pictures as blurry or fuzzy. Sometimes the picture is clear the first time they view it but later it looks blurry or fuzzy. AOL is using image compression via a proxy server to compress the pictures as you view them on the internet. This causes the pictures to appear blurry to you, but they appear clearly for all other non-AOL internet users. To view pictures clearly you need to disable the compression feature in your AOL web browser.

Q. Why do some of my images look slightly blurry in AOL's Browser?

A. America Online utilizes graphics compression software that speeds up the delivery of web pages to its members by compressing images and various multimedia applications. Images that are BMP, GIF or JPG are converted into the proprietary Johnson-Grace image format .ART. All AOL members have the option of deselecting "Used Compressed Graphics" in their Web Preferences.

Q. I have deselected "Use Compressed Graphics" in my WWW preferences and the images still look the same. What am I doing wrong?

A. This is a Caching issue. In your WWW preferences you can set your history to "0" pages and clear the History. You must also delete the files in your Temporary Internet Files folder.

Holding down the "Control" key on your keyboard and simultaneously mouse-clicking on the Browser Reload icon while the browser window is active will also clear your cache and display the latest data from the website.

For AOL 3.0: 1. Select "Preferences/WWW" from the File menu 2. CHECK the box for "UNCOMPRESSED GRAPHICS"

For AOL 4.0: 1. Select "MY AOL" on the AOL Toolbar and then select "Preferences" 2. Click on the "WWW" button, then "Web Graphics" 3. UNCHECK the box for "Use Compressed Graphics"

For AOL 5.0: 1. Select "MY AOL" on the AOL Toolbar and then select "Preferences" 2. Click on the "WWW" button 3. Select the "Web Graphics" tab (across the top) 4. UNCHECK the box for "Use compressed graphics" 5. Click on OK to save your changes 6. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the "Preferences" window