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Adding text or pictures to your item listing

(last updated on 3/4/2009)

You can always add descriptions, a thumbnail and pictures to an item listing, whether the item has been bid on or not. You can add a picture or additional information at any time. Your additions will be clearly time and date stamped. You should not use this to try to substantially alter your listing; doing so will cause the listing to be invalid. For example, if you list an item as a .45 caliber and then realize that it is 9mm, you should create a new listing rather than trying to make this large a correction. Please contact support for assistance if the item has already been bid on. To add to your item listing, use the Add to Description function located on the For Sellers page. To add a picture, use the Manage Item Pictures web page.

New! has an Automated Picture Upload Facility! You can now upload a picture at the same time you are entering your item listing. Our new service is fast, free, and easy to use. To use this facility, go to our 'List an Item' page. Fill in the form, leaving the 'Picture URL' field blank. When you have filled out all of the other fields, click the 'Upload Picture...' button located to the right of the 'Picture URL' field. A screen will pop up that will walk you through uploading your picture to our server. When the upload process is complete, the 'Picture URL' field will be updated with the name of your picture file. Click the 'Review Listing' button at the bottom of the page to submit your item listing.

If you cannot use our automated picture upload facility, you can send us your pictures by email. Please list your item before sending us the picture(s). Once your item has been listed you can send an email with the item number and your GIF (.gif) or JPEG (.jpg) files to and we will add the pictures to your listing. We recommend that you use the automated upload as described above as pictures sent in by email must be posted manually and this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

A third alternative is to use a personal home page, or one of the many free picture hosting services available. If you have a personal home page on your ISP, you may be able to host the picture there. If you do not have a personal home page, you can use a free image hosting service. When using these methods, you should copy the URL of your picture file into the 'Picture URL' field in the 'List an Item' form.

When listing your item, you can enter the image in one of two places. If you understand HTML, you can embed images directly in the 'Item Description' field. Use the '<img src=' tag to place your image in the item description. Using this technique, you can embed multiple images in a single auction listing.

If you do not understand HTML, the easiest thing to do is to enter the image URL ( example: ) into the 'Picture URL' field of the List an Item form. keywords: adding pictures, adding more pictures, more pictures, adding thumbnail, additional pictures adding additional pictures.