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Can I retract my bid?

(last updated on 1/7/2014)
No. Our User Agreement is extremely clear that bids cannot be withdrawn once placed. We are also clear about this in our auction information and on the very screen where you placed your bid. Bids are not to be placed lightly - you must make sure that you have resolved any questions or issues with the seller before your bid is placed. You can use 'Ask Seller a Question' located on the item's detailed listing page to contact the seller.

If you don't want negative feedback over the transaction, buy the item and then resell it here. If you bought it, chances are that someone else will buy it from you. You may even make money on the transaction.

In the event you made a mistake or typo while bidding and bid $40,000 instead of $400 you need to contact the seller and tell him to contact us via the Help Center. Only the seller can ask for a bid to be removed in an emergency situation.