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Fees for Optional Services

(last updated on 6/21/2012)

Basic auction listings are free of charge unless the item sells. As add-ons to the basic listing, we make available optional services designed to offer premium placement and draw more attention to the listing. Please review our Fees for Using page for a complete list of available services and for the fees incurred by using those services.

Some fee-based optional services include:

  • Showcase Listings: Showcase listings are the most powerful marketing tool our sellers can use. Showcase auctions are randomly displayed on our Home Page. Our Home Page is the most-visited page on Consequently, Showcase auctions will be seen by the largest audience of any of our auction types. When a seller lists an item, he can decide if he wants to upgrade the listing to our Showcase.
  • Featured Listings: Each category such as Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns and etc. contain two sections of auction listings. Featured auctions are listed at the top of each category, and are listed first in search results. Because the item is listed above other auctions, it will typically be seen by more bidders and will often draw more bids and command a higher purchase price. When a seller lists an item, he can decide to have that item listed in the 'Featured' section. In doing so, he will incur a small fee for that listing.
  • Highlight: Make your listing stand out from others in the category listings for a small fee! This option highlights your listing in yellow to make it stand out from the other listings.
  • Boldface Title: Consider using boldface text to make your item’s title stand out from the others in the category listings for a small fee!
  • Colored Title: Upgrade your listing by using color to draw a buyer’s attention to your title - you can choose to use red, green, or blue. A colored title is especially effective when combined with the boldface title option.
  • Thumbnail Image: A thumbnail image is a miniaturized picture of your item that is displayed to the left of your item's title when a bidder browses or searches our listings. Thumbnail Images are an eye-catching device designed to draw the bidder's attention to your listing.
  • Counter: A counter keeps track of the number of times an item has been viewed since being listed. Sellers can use counters as a way to gauge the interest bidders have shown in an item. They can also experiment with different item titles and upgrade features to measure the effectiveness of each variation.
  • Scheduled Auction: A Scheduled Auction is one where you select the start date and time for the auction instead of launching it immediately. Sellers can use this to enter auctions before they want them to be displayed so that they have the flexibility to enter the information when it is convenient for them. Scheduled Auctions are an extra-charge optional service that we provide to our sellers to allow them more flexibility in creating and launching their auctions.
  • Subtitle: A Subtitle is additional text that is displayed below the Item Title on the search results pages. It is space that can be used to provide buyers more information regarding your auction, and it also improves your auction's visibility and increases its searchability.
  • QuickLook: Users can preview items in search results using the "QuickLook" feature. QuickLook creates a popup window showing pictures of the item, pricing and other item details. The buyer can learn more about the item without leaving the search results page. QuickLook is an optional service available to sellers. QuickLook must be selected as a listing option during the initial listing process in order for the popup window to display in Search results.

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