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Special Note About Full-Auto Firearms and Parts

(last updated on 5/31/2005)

Full-auto firearms must be transferred in accordance with the National Firearms Act (NFA). All full-auto machine guns must be clearly described as such in their item description. These items must clearly state that they will only be shipped to a Class III dealer.

Full-auto parts, including but not limited to replacement sears, must follow the same restrictions. Although the ATF does not (in most cases) regulate or restrict the sale of these parts, our policy is more strict. You must include language that specifies these items will only be shipped to a Class III license holder. Any auction that does not comply will be terminated immediately.

By listing these items, you agree to comply with these restrictions.

We do not allow the posting of 'informational' booklets or instructions that tell the user how to convert firearms to full-auto fire, nor how to make silencers, nor full-auto conversion kits