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International Customers

(last updated on 5/31/2005)

Firearms laws vary greatly from country to country. is not familiar with firearms laws outside of the United States. If you live outside of the United States and you wish to buy or sell items, please make sure that you understand and obey all firearms laws in your country and follow all of the proper import/export procedures.

Foreign Buyers: If you live outside the US and wish to purchase an item, please contact the seller of the item before placing a bid to verify that the seller is willing to participate in the export process. Firearms must be exported from the US by a licensed exporter. Most countries require the items to be shipped to a licensed importer located in your country. The buyer is responsible for making all export / import arrangements and paying all import / export fees and tariffs.

Foreign Sellers: If you live outside the US and wish to sell an item, we are happy to accept your listing. In the item description, please list the country that the item is located in. Any Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder can do a firearms importation by filling out the proper paperwork. According to the ATF, "the licensee must first submit a ATF Form 6, Part I to the Imports Branch for approval. The licensee may then present the approved Form 6 and completed ATF Form 6A to the U.S. Customs Service". If the item is not a firearm (such as scopes, holsters, etc.) then the item can be sent into the US without any special importation procedure other than filling out a standard US Customs form.

We have more information on importing and exporting firearms on our Import / Export Page.