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How does the auction work?

(last updated on 5/31/2005)

In a nutshell, you list your item and bidders browse our listings, find your item, and place bids on it. If a user wins your item by meeting or exceeding your price criteria, you must sell the item to the buyer. There is only one exception to the 'must sell' rule: if selling the item to the buyer would violate some law. As the seller, you specify the conditions of the sale including the length of time the auction will run, the payment methods you accept (money order, credit cards, check, COD, etc), the method of shipping and cost for shipping, return policy (if any), and any other pertinent terms. Typically the buyer will prepay for the item by money order (depending on your payment terms). When payment has been received, you ship the item to the buyer's FFL Holder.