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What is a Registration Code? I haven't received my Registration Code

(last updated on 7/18/2016)

When you first register with, we send you a registration code to the Primary Email Address you provide us with. If you have not received your registration code, first verify that the Primary Email Address you provided us with is a valid email address and typed correctly.

If you chose to enter an Alternate Email Address and a Primary Address, the Primary Email Address is the place where we send your registration code information.

To verify the Primary Email Address that we have is the correct email and entered correctly, visit the User Account Information web page at My Account > Account Info.

Once you have verified that the email address is valid, go to our Resend Registration Code web page at Resend Registration Code.

If you received your Registration Code and are now ready to validate your user account using the registration code, visit the Enter Registration Code web page at Enter Registration Code.