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Internet Explorer 6 AutoComplete

(last updated on 5/31/2005)

Internet Explorer 6 has a feature called AutoComplete that you can enable to remember your username and password so that you do not have to retype your username and password every time you visit a web site.

If you do not have Internet Explorer 6, you can obtain it by using your Windows Update feature.

This feature also remembers text that you have typed into forms, and it can be a very useful feature for some people.

We do not recommend that you enable this feature unless you are aware of the security risks.

To enable or disable the AutoComplete feature of Internet Explorer 6, click on the Tools menu in your browser. Then click on the Internet Options selection on the menu. Now click on the Content tab on that screen. Near the bottom of the Content tab you will see a button that says AutoComplete... The AutoComplete Settings screen will come up.

If you would like to DISABLE AutoComplete, uncheck the box next to Forms and User Names and the box next to Passwords on Forms. Then click on both the Clear Forms and Clear Passwords buttons to erase any saved information.

If you would like to ENABLE AutoComplete, put a checkmark next to Forms and User Names and Passwords and a checkmark next to Prompt me to save passwords. Once you have enabled the password saving feature, you can log into our website. As soon as you hit the 'Submit' button on our login web page, Internet Explorer will pop up a question asking you if you would like to remember the password. Click YES and it will save the username and password. The next time the login page is displayed, the username and password will already be filled in for you.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer Support Center.