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Internet Explorer problems viewing web pages

(last updated on 7/31/2003)

Changing certain advanced settings in Internet Explorer can cause errors like the following when accessing certain pages on our web site. If you are receiving errors clicking on links or bringing up the next page of search results in our item listings, you may have settings in your Internet Explorer browser that are causing these problems.

Our web site has been tested to work with the DEFAULT settings of Internet Explorer. Altering certain Advanced settings in your web browser can cause errors using our site.

Internet Explorer has an Advanced Settings screen that contains options that a user generally does not need to change. Some users install and run Internet Boost programs that are supposed to speed up your web browsing. These programs alter these advanced settings and this can cause problems with our web site.

If you are having problems viewing certain pages on our web site, restore your Advanced Settings in Internet Explorer to their default settings.

Click the Tools menu at the top of your web browser window, then select Internet Options...
On the Internet Options screen, click on the Advanced tab that is at the very top right of that screen. At the bottom of the Advanced tab is a button that says Restore Defaults. Click this button and allow Internet Explorer to restore its Advanced settings to their defaults. Click the OK button to save these changes.

The Web Browser may warn you that you need to restart the web browser in order for the changes to take effect. If it gives you this warning message, we recommend that you restart your computer, otherwise the changes may not have taken effect.

Restoring the default settings on your Advanced Internet Options screen will NOT affect any other options like your home page, cookie settings, security or privacy settings. They only restore these specific Advanced settings to their default settings.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer Support Center:;EN-US;ie