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Web Browser Cookies

(last updated on 4/13/2016)

Our web site uses a cookie so that you do not have to log in for each and every page. This cookie tells us that you have logged into our web site so that you do not have to log in for each and every page that you access. Right now our cookie is a temporary cookie, which means that closing your web browser releases that particular cookie and our web site considers you logged off when you close your browser.

AOL Users: Read this link

If you have disabled cookies, or you are a running a program to block our cookie, you will be presented with the Login web page for every step of Listing an Item, Bidding on an Item, and various other functions that require you to log in. Most of these functions have multiple steps or web pages, and that means that each step of that function you will have to provide your login information.

The vast majority of users will want to allow this cookie so that they do not have to provide login information over and over on our web site. Please note that there is no other method as secure that we can use to provide this convenience to you without the use of this cookie. This cookie does not store your user information. It does not store your username or password, address or phone number information. It is a technical cookie that allows us to verify that you have successfully Logged In to our web site.

To make sure that you are allowing our cookie in Internet Explorer 6, click on the Tools menu at the top of the web browser and choose the Internet Options selection. Then click on the Privacy tab located in the top middle of this Internet Options screen. At the bottom section of this Privacy section of your Internet Options, there is a button labeled 'Edit'. Click the Edit... button to bring up the Per Site Privacy Actions screen. Type into the box labeled 'Address of web site' on the Per Site Privacy Actions screen. Then click on the Allow button.

Now verify that is shown in the list of Managed Web Sites on this Per Site Privacy screen, and that next to it says 'Always Allow'. Click OK to exit this screen, and click OK to exit the Internet Options screen. Your web browser is now configured to allow our cookie.

To enable our cookie in other types of web browsers, or to enable our cookie in a cookie-blocking software that you may use, please refer to your software's instructions on enabling cookies for a web site.

Some Internet Service Providers or internet access provided at work may have a proxy server, and this proxy server may be blocking our cookie. If you have taken the steps above to enable cookies for and you are still having problems, you may want to check and see if there were any recent changes to your internet service that would affect cookies.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer Support Center:;EN-US;ie

Additionally, some Virus scanning software and ad-blocking software can block web browser cookies. Please check your system for these kinds of software and how to configure them to allow our cookies if the above information does not work.