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Internet Explorer 500 Server Error

(last updated on 7/31/2003)

Internet Explorer blocks the real error message that our web site displays and replaces it with a 'Friendly Error Message' that gives no description about what really happened. This generic message usually says:
Page cannot be displayed

Internet Explorer
500 Server Error

If you are having problems using our web site and you are receiving this error message, you need to turn off this 'Friendly error message' option in Internet Explorer so that you can see and report to us the real error message.

Click the Tools menu at the top of your web browser window, then select Internet Options...

On the Internet Options screen, click on the Advanced tab that is at the very top right of that screen. At the bottom of the Advanced tab is a button that says Restore Defaults. Click this button and allow Internet Explorer to restore its Advanced settings to their defaults.

After clicking the Restore Defaults button, find the line that is labeled Show friendly HTTP error messages in the Settings list. You can find the label located near the end of the 'Browsing' sub-list in the Settings. UN-CHECK this option. Make sure the label does not have a checkmark next to it.

Click the OK button to save these changes.

The Web Browser may warn you that you need to restart the web browser in order for the changes to take effect. If it gives you this warning message, we recommend that you restart your computer, otherwise the changes may not have taken effect.

After you have followed these instructions, return to the web site and try to reproduce the error message. If you cannot get any error message to come up again, Restoring the Defaults has fixed your problem.

If are still able to get the web site to send you an error message, it will no longer show the 'Page cannot be displayed: 500 server error' message. It will now display text describing the real error that occurred in our system.

To report the real error message, leave the error message on your screen and open a new web browser window so that you can read the error message while you contact customer support. You click on the File menu and use the New Window selection to open up a new web browser window.

Navigate to our Help Center, and Contact Customer Support. In your text to our customer support, type the entire error message exactly as it is shown to you so that we can correct the problem.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer Support Center:;EN-US;ie