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FFL License Verification

(last updated on 10/1/2015)

Only ship firearms to the mailing address shown for the FFL license as displayed on the EZ-Check verification web page.

Do not ship firearms to any other address provided by the person who provided you with the FFL number. Federal ATF law requires that you only ship to the address listed on the FFL license and no other address. We recommend that you use the EZ-Check verification, even if the buyer provides you with a certified copy of their FFL license. The information on the EZ-Check verification is always accurate and you should contact the ATF if the certified FFL copy does not match the EZ-Check web site verification.

You must still have at least a faxed copy of the certified FFL license, the EZ-Check web page is for viewing and double-checking that the FFL license information is correct.

The ATF now accepts a faxed copy of a Federal Firearms license as proof of authenticity for verification. This should help to make online firearm transactions easier and less confusing than before. A copy of the ATF newsletter detailing this policy change can be viewed by clicking this link:

Please note that the ATF (and recommend that you use the online FFL EZ Check system to verify the validity of the faxed license prior to shipping an item. The shipping address must match the address shown by the online ATF FFL EZ Check system as the mailing address for the FFL license.

The online FFL EZ Check can be used by clicking the following link: