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AdSubtract PRO causes The system cannot find the file specified error

(last updated on 12/13/2007)

If you have installed AdSubtract PRO on your computer, and you are getting the following error while using our website, you must exit AdBlocker PRO while using our web site:

The system cannot find the file specified.

While AdSubtract is running, you can receive this error from many parts of our web site, even simply viewing an item listing will generate this error. Other places you can see this error is when attempting to contact Customer Support using our Help Center.

If you are receiving this error, shutdown Ad Subtract PRO and the error will immediately go away. You will receive this error even if you have AdSubtract filtering completely disabled. Unfortunately, you must exit the program completely to fix this error.

To close AdSubtract PRO, find the yellow +- icon on your windows taskbar in the bottom right corner of your screen. Right click on that yellow icon and select Exit AdSubtract

As soon as you have exited AdSubtract and it is no longer running you will no longer see the Internet Explorer web page error: The system cannot find the file specified.

This error is the result of a defect in the AdSubtract software and is not a result of our website triggering any of Ad Subtract's filters. If you click on Logs in the AdSubtract PRO Control Panel, you will not see any logged activity when it gives this error.

We recommend that users receiving this error contact AdSubtract PRO and submit a support request so that they may address the problem with their software.

Click on the link below to create a support issue with AdSubtract PRO:

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