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FFL dealer refuses to provide a copy of their FFL license

(last updated on 8/20/2007)

A physical or faxed copy of an FFL license is required to verify that the FFL is valid. The FFL license shows the name and address of the FFL dealer, and that is the only address that firearms may be shipped to and it is the only method that the seller has to determine the proper shipment address for the item you purchased.

Our recommendation is to explain this to your FFL, and if they still refuse you should continue to check other FFLs in your area for one that will comply.

In certain areas it seems that some dealers have made a personal decision to stop providing copies of their FFL to anyone but other dealers, but this is an individual decision and it is not based on any federal or state policy or recommendation.

As stated in the ATF's own policy, a certified copy of the FFL license is REQUIRED to complete any interstate firearm transaction. The ATF now accepts faxed copies of a certified FFL license, but they recommend that you verify the license using their online FFL EZ Check system prior to shipping an item.

The ATF FFL EZ Check system can be used by clicking on this link: