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MyAuctions - Selling tab does not display what I want it to

(last updated on 9/2/2014)

If you look closely, just below the "Selling" tab in MyAuctions are three links labeled "Items Sold" , "Items Listed" and "Non-Paying Bidders". Click on the link to set your view to display the auction list that you want to see.

Items Sold refers to the auction list that contains auctions you have sold only. That means the auction ended with a winning bidder and the item was SOLD. It will not contain any other auctions, only the auctions you have sold. In the middle of the display is a list of choices called "What auctions would you like to see?". By choosing different selections in the list, you can filter out auctions that you do not want to see. Generally this list filters by time - you can tell it to only show auctions you have sold during the past week or month. The default selection is "Ended in the last 30 days". This will filter the auction list and only display Items that you have sold in the last 30 days. One special selection called "Completed Auctions" disables filtering and shows ALL items that you have sold in the last 60 days.

Items Listed refers to all other auctions that you have listed but that did NOT sell. This means auctions that ended without a winning bidder. This view also has a selection list that allows you to filter out auctions based on their age. The default selection "Current Auctions" shows all the items you have listed for sale that are currently still 'active' auctions that have not ended yet. An Active Auction is an auction that is still open and available for bidding. Once an auction has ended and bidding is not longer allowed, it is called a Completed Auction. By selecting Completed Auctions from the list, you can view ALL auctions that you have listed for sale but that DID NOT SELL within 60 days. Remember, auctions you have SOLD are only displayed in the "Items Sold" view.