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Fraud - Protect yourself

(last updated on 5/31/2005)

We do investigate complaints that a sale is fraudulent if you submit an issue about it using our Support system.

We investigate complaints that a seller may be trying to commit fraud or selling illegal items.

People do report suspected fraudulent auctions, usually from New Users (NR), that are posting high priced items for sale. If an NR or seller with only a few feedbacks acts suspicious, or if you see that the item is copied from another auction (usually taken from another web site), please submit a Support Issue to us in the Help Center and we will investigate it.

We do shut down fraudulent auctions and in many cases we have stop people from being ripped off.

Many people just go ahead and send payment to a new seller even though they have questions in their mind. A potential sign of fraud is when a seller provides name, address, and shipping payment information that is different from their registered account information shown here on Always Request the Account Information for a user you have bought or sold to: Request a User's Contact Info

If a seller emails you and tries to provide you with different payment information, contact support and provide us with this new information and any other information you thought may be suspicious.

You should contact support with your suspicions prior to sending money to an NR seller or a seller with only a few feedbacks. We have access to information about users that sometimes shows us obvious signs of potential fraud.

Please be aware that we do ask that you contact us only if you have some type of suspicious communication or something new to provide us. Though the vast majority of new sellers are legitimate, there are the same criminals out there creating new accounts day after day to rip off buyers, and it is important for buyers to request the help of customer support if they have reasons to suspect a fraudulent seller.