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Western Union and does not allow firearm related items

(last updated on 10/14/2005)

Apparently BidPay considers firearms and ammunition to be considered the same as 'drugs and any other illegal activities'.

Some users have been asking about ** BidPay ** or They do not allow firearms or ammunition payments as shown here:

Under section 12 of their web page:

12. What are the criteria BidPay uses for determining whether an item is approved for payment?
Because of various laws and our contractual agreements with card issuers, there are some items that BidPay prohibits. The most obvious are guns, ammunition, gambling services, gambling chips, drugs, and any illegal substances or activities. We also prohibit counterfeit software and certain items such as reprogrammed H-Cards, Cable converted boxes and related items.

In addition, BidPay reserves the right to refuse to complete any transaction.