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WebTV and MSNTV - This page is too big to be shown completely

(last updated on 5/31/2005)

Listed below are several possible solutions.

Q. Why does the message, "this page is too big to be shown completely" appear when I try to connect to a website with MSNTV or WebTV box?

A. This is caused by your cache (memory) filling up and not allowing new pages to be loaded correctly. To empty your cache and temporarily resolve the problem, you need to turn off two features: Background Music and Messenger. To do so, follow these steps:

To turn off Background Music:

1. Go to the Web Home page
2. Choose Settings
3. Choose Music
4. Remove the check in the box next to Background Music
5. Choose Done

To turn off Messenger:

1. Go to the Web Home page
2. Choose the Messenger icon
3. Choose Turn MSN Messenger off

(Remember that you can always turn Background Music and Messenger back on at any time.)

If that doesn't work, try turning your unit off and then on. Before you do so, note the address of your current web page so that you can return to it easily.

Q. Why am I receiving the message, "This page is too big to be shown completely" at the bottom of every web page?

A. This problem is caused by the lack of memory resources. In order to remedy this problem, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Power off your unit

2. Unplug the power cord

3. Wait 15 seconds

4. Plug the cord back in

5. Power on your unit

6. Choose Moved

If the problem persists, please enter secret code, 32768. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Write down your current Dialing and ISP settings

2. Power off your unit

3. Choose the Option button several times on your keyboard

4. Enter the numbers 32768

5. The lights on your unit will flash: red-yellow-green if entered correctly

6. Power on your unit

You will now have to set your Dialing and ISP settings.

Q. What can I do about the error message, Page too big?

A. This message means that your cache is full. In other words, there is not enough memory available to store the Web page you are trying to view. This usually occurs after being online for a while, or after loading a large image or audio file.

To clear the cache, power off your box (be sure to note the Internet address of the page where the error occurred so you can return to it easily). When you turn the box on again, there should be enough available memory to return to the page and view it in its entirety.

Q. How do I clear my cache?

A. Cache is a type of memory used to temporarily store Web pages. Cached Web pages load faster because they are stored locally in your box.

If your cache memory fills up, you may experience slower Web surfing, or receive an error message that says "This page is too big to be shown completely." To clear your cache memory, simply power off your Internet receiver and turn it on again.