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My GunBroker Overview

(last updated on 12/1/2008)
My GunBroker Views:

My GunBroker separates your information into sections called Views. Views can contain your Selling Reminders, Items I'm Watching List, recent Feedback, seller preferences, and many other types of information. You can navigate among these views by clicking on the links in the left column of My GunBroker. The current view is highlighted with a gray bar. You can sort and customize view information.

View Description:
My Summary A comprehensive way to see the status of all your buying and selling activities.
All Buying All of your Buying Views at a glance.
Show Items I'm Watching A list of the items you are interested in buying. Bid from this view, view sellers other items, or mail item listing to a friend.
Show Items I'm Bidding On A list of the items you are currently bidding on. Bid directly from this view.
Show Items I've Won A list of the items you have won. Manage post buying activities here.
Show Items I Didn't Win A list of the items you bid on but did not win. Use this view to see Seller's Other Items or relisted items.
All Selling All your Selling Views at a glance.
Show Scheduled Items A list of pending items you have scheduled to start in the future that have not started.
Show Items I'm Selling A list of the items you are currently selling.
Show Items I've Sold Details of the items you have sold. Manage post-selling activities here.
Show My Unsold Items A list of items you listed but did not sell. Relist items directly from this view.
All Favorites All of your Favorites at a glance.
Show My Favorite Searches A list of your saved searches.
My Account Manage administrative tasks.
Billing Information View your monthly billing statements, make payments, and update payment methods.
Account Information View and update your personal and business information.
Feedback Leave and view feedback for your transactions.
Preferences Manage preferences for auctions and communications.
My Support All of your Support Issues at a glance.
Show Support Issues Review status and view responses of past and present support issues.
Show Non-Paying Bidder Reports Review status of Non-Paying Bidder Reports.
Show Fraud Claims Review status of Fraud Claims.
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