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Using the Show Items I'm Watching View

(last updated on 10/2/2007)
"Show Items I'm Watching" View:

From this view, you will be able to track items that you are interested in buying. Manage this list by adding or removing items. You can also bid and buy now, view Seller's other items, and e-mail the listing to a friend directly from this view.

  • If you are bidding on an item, prices of those that you are currently winning are green and bold; those that you are not currently winning are red.
  • Add an item to your Watch List by clicking the "Add this item to your watch list" link on the middle of any view item page.
  • Remove an item from your Items I'm Watching list by selecting the check box to the left of the item title, and then clicking the "Remove" button.

Click Select  to bring up a menu of Actions specific to that item:

Select this Action: To do this:
Buy Now! End Bidding and Buy the item immediately
Bid Bid on the item
Seller's Other items Open a list of the Seller's other items
Mail to Friend Open a window to e-mail the item listing to someone