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Using the Show Items I'm Selling View

(last updated on 10/2/2007)
"Show Items I'm Selling" View:

Details about all of the items you are currently selling will display here. Note: After an item ends, it will appear in either your "Items I've Sold" or "Unsold Items" view. Scheduled Items appear in the "Scheduled Items" view.

  • You can choose to see All of the items, or just those that are Selling, With Bids, or Not Selling, using the link filter in the green header bar.
  • Selling means your item has received bid(s) that have met the reserve or minimum price (if set). If the item listing ends early, the item would be sold.
  • With Bids means your item has received bid(s), regardless of whether or not the reserve has been met.
  • Not Selling means your item has either received no bids or has not received any bids that have met your reserve price.
  • After a listing ends:  The listing automatically moves to the "Items I've Sold" or "My Unsold Items" views.

Click Select to bring up a menu of Actions specific to that item:

Select this Action: To do this:
Manage Pictures Add, delete and change pictures
Edit Revise the details of an item listing that has not received bids
Add to Description Add to the description of an item without changing the original description
Relist with Edit Sell a similar item starting with the details of the current item
. End Auction Early Ends the item early