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Using the Show Items I've Sold View

(last updated on 12/16/2013)

"Show Items I've Sold" View:

Details about all of the items you have sold will display here. From this view, you will be able to manage your post-sale activities, such as noting payment from your buyers and leaving feedback.

Color-coded icons indicate the transaction activities of the item. Gray icons indicate action needed, green icons indicates action taken/completed. Half-colored icons indicate action taken on the Buyer or Seller side. 

  Payment Status   Feedback Status   FFL Status   Shipping Status
Payment not sent or received Feedback not left FFL not sent or received Not shipped
Payment sent Feedback left by Buyer FFL sent Shipment sent
Payment received Feedback left by Seller FFL received Shipment received
Payment sent and received Feedback left by Buyer and Seller FFL sent and received Shipment sent and received

Click Select  to bring up a menu of Actions specific to that item:

Select this Action: To do this:
View Buyer Contact Info Display the Buyer's contact information
View Auction Summary Display a summary of the auction
Mark Payment Received Indicate the payment has been received
Mark Payment Not Received Indicate the payment has not been received
Mark FFL Received Indicate the Seller has received the FFL
Mark FFL Not Received Indicate the Seller has not received the FFL
Create Shipment Create a shipment using Shipping
Mark Item Shipped Indicate the item has been shipped
Mark Item Not Shipped Indicate the item has not been shipped
Leave Feedback Open the Feedback window
Relist Immediately Sell the same item without making any changes to the item listing
Relist with Edit Sell a similar item starting with the details of the current item
Resolve Buyer Problem Open a window to resolve a problem with the Buyer of this item
Request Credit for Listing Fees Open a window to create a credit request for listing fees associated with a sold item
Send Payment Reminder Send a Payment Reminder to a non-paying bidder