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My Summary Overview

(last updated on 1/23/2009)
"My Summary" View:

This view displays an overview of your account and support issues plus select activities.

"Show Items I'm Watching" View:
From this view, you will be able to track items that you are interested in buying. Manage this list by adding or removing items. You can also bid and buy now, view Seller's other items, and e-mail the listing to a friend directly from this view.
"Show Items I've Won" View:
From this view, you will be able to manage your post-buying activities, such as telling a Seller you have made a payment and leaving feedback. Details about all of the items you have won - both by bidding and by using Buy Now! - will display here.
"Show My Favorite Searches" View:
Details about your saved searches will display in this view. To view the results of a saved search, select the search name.