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What's New in Version 4

(last updated on 12/13/2010)

What's New in Version 4

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My GunBroker Activity Manager:

  • Manage all your buying, selling, feedback and account preferences in one central location: the new "My GunBroker" section.
  • "My Auctions" is now incorporated into "My GunBroker". Click My GunBroker to see everything related to items you are buying and selling.
  • Account Information and Preferences are now contained in "My GunBroker".
  • Sellers: Track the progress of your sales with the status icons in the Sold View of My GunBroker.
  • Buyers: Track the progress of your purchases with the status icons in the Won View of My GunBroker.
  • Manage all your Feedback from "My GunBroker".
  • The Actions column on the right side of the My GunBroker display lists allow you to access important tasks for the associated auction.
  • There is help specific to each "My GunBroker" page available at the bottom of every page, and by clicking the ?Help icon on located on every grid list.

Listing Items:

  • You now select your category at the start of listing your item. The Select a Category page has Browse and Find functions to help you find the best category.
  • Next you will describe your item followed by uploading pictures, reviewing pictures and previewing your auction.
  • Thumbnail pictures can be added to your auction listings at any time.
  • Scheduled Auctions will be available soon, allowing you to schedule an auction to start at a time and day in in the future.

Enhanced Navigation:

  • To sort the columns in a list, click on the header of the column. Click once for ascending and twice for descending.
  • To change the number of items displayed, select a value from the left drop down menu next to "Items" and click "Go".
  • To jump directly to a specific page for the list, type the page number into the box that says "1 of XX" and press Enter.
  • The "edit/remove/respond to feedback" options have been changed to a drop down menu for selection in My GunBroker.
  • Feedback can be sorted by item number, user, date, buyer/seller and comment.

Powerful Searching:

  • You can sort your search results by just clicking the column caption.
  • You can now name and rename your Saved Searches in "My GunBroker" so you can describe your searches.
  • You can now search for specfic items within a seller. Select Advanced Search, then Search by Seller and then use the search box just above the list to search within the results.
  • Use "Advanced Search" for more Search Capability. Click the green words "Advanced Search" in upper right corner located on every page.

My GunBroker Section Overview

How to navigate and customize the lists in My GunBroker

Buyers: Use My GunBroker to manage items you have won

Sellers: Use My GunBroker to manage items you have sold

Saving Favorite Searches

Use My GunBroker to manage Feedback

Use Advanced Search


Download the My GunBroker Manual (PDF)

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