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What do all these abbreviations mean?

(last updated on 11/3/2009)

Here is a list of abbreviations commonly used by sellers in item listing titles. This list is provided as a courtesy. This is not a complete list, and may not necessarily reflect the seller's intention. It is the buyer's responsibility to read the full item description, and to ask the seller questions BEFORE placing a bid if anything is not clear.

Abbreviation Description
1C The starting bid is set at 1 cent ($0.01)
ACP Automatic Colt Pistol
ACR Advanced Combat Rifle
AE Action express
AE Action Express (.41 AE, .50 AE)
AF Air Force
AP Armor piercing
API Application programming interface (as in internet)
API Armor piercing, incendiary
APT Armor piercing, tracer
AR Assault rifle
AUTO Autographed
B&W, BW Black and white (also BW)
BAR Browning Automatic Rifle
Bbl Barrel
BBWC Bevel Base Wadcutter
BC ballistic coefficient
BFI Bushmaster Firearms
BL Barrell Length
BM Bushmaster
BMG Browning machine gun
BP black powder
BPCR black powder cartridge rifle
BR Bench Rest Remington
BT Boat-Tailed
C.A.R. Colt Automatic Rifle, also CAR
C&R Curios and Relics (firearms that are officially recognized as collectible due to some unique quality such as age.
C3 Refers to the Class III FFL required to deal in NFA items
Cal. Caliber
CAR Carbine
CB Cast Bullet
CC Concealed Carry
CCW Concealed Carry Weapon
CCW concealed carry weapon
Ch Chambering. Chamber
CIII Refers to the Class III FFL required to deal in NFA items
CLASS III, Class 3 Refers to the Class III FFL required to deal in NFA items
COA Certificate of Authenticity (also stands for Coat of Arms)
CUP copper units of pressure
DA double action, as opposed to single action (SA)
DAO Double Action Only
DEWC Double Ended WadCutter
DLX deluxe
EAA European American Arms
ED Edition
EUC Excellent used condition
EXC Excellent
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAUX Not a genuine item (as in faux pearl)
FB Feedback
FC Fine condition
FCM First class mail
FFL Federal Firearms License/Licensee (a license that permits one to sell & transfer guns in interstate commerce, or the holder of that license)
FMJ Full Metal Jacket
FN National Factory
FP Flat Point
FS Factory sealed
FS Fixed sights
FTF Face to face
FTF Failure to feed/failure to fire
FYI For your information
G Good condition (also GC)
G&A Guns & Ammo Magazine
GA gauge (also ga.)
GC Good condition
GR Grain (also gr.)
GU Gently Used
H&H, HH Holland and Holland (manufacturer)
H&K, HK Heckler & Koch
H&R, HR Harrington & Richardson (manufacturer)
HBWC Hollow-Base WadCutter
HD Home Defense
HP Hollow Point
HS Home Security
HTF Hard to find
IMR Improved Military Rifle; formerly DuPont (modern gun powder manufacturer)
INIT Initials
JDJ J. D. Jones
JFP Jacketed flat point
JHC Jacketed hollow cavity
JHP Jacketed hollow point
JRS John R. Sundra
JSP Jacketed Soft Point
LC Long Colt
LE Limited edition
LHP Lead Hollow Point
LL Long Rifle
LN Like new
LOS Line of sight
LR Long rifle
LRN Lead round nose
LS Long sleeves (clothing)
LSWC Lead Semi-WadCutter
LTD Limited edition
LW Lightweight
LWC Lead wad cutter
M Medium (also used Md or Med)
M&P Military and Police
Mag Magnum
Mag. Magazine; magnum; also mag.
MC Metal Cased
MG Machine Gun
MIM Metal Injection Molding
mm Millimeter
MM Millimeters; also mm
MNT Mint. In perfect condition (subjective term)
MOP Mother-of-Pearl
MRWC Mid-Range WadCutter
NAA North American Arms (manufacturer)
NEF New England Firearms
NIB New In Box (a gun that is still in the original box, unfired after it left the factory)
NIW New In Wrapper (typ. in reference to magazines, which come from the factory wrapped in protective paper or plastic)
No. Number
NOS New Old Stock (an item that can no longer be manufactured new, but that can be sold from existing stock: chronologically old, but that has been sitting in storage and was never soldĀ at retail before)
NR No reserve price for an auction-style listing
NWT New with tags
O/U Over/under (shotgun)
O&U Over/under (shotgun)
OAI Olympic Arms, Inc. (manufacturer)
OAL Overall length
OD Olive Drab
OD Outside Diameter
OL Overall length
OR Optics Ready
Para. (sometimes Pb) Parabellum
PB* Lead Bullet
PBR Point blank range
PDW Personal Defense Weapon
PMO Postal Money Order
PPC Pindell-Palmisano Cartridge
PSI Pounds per square inch; also: psi.
PSP Pointed Soft Point or Plated Soft Point
QCB Quick Change Barrel
QD Quick Detach
RA Remington Arms (manufacturer)
Rd, Rds Round, rounds
Rem Remington
Ren Charles Rensing & Jim Rock
RET Reticle, as in optics
RF RimFire
RN round nose
RNL Round Nosed Lead
RTF Rough Textured Frame, Ready to Fire
S Small (also used, Sm or Sml)
S/H; SH, S&H Shipping and handling
S&H Sharpe & Hart
S&W, SW, sw Smith & Wesson
SA Springfield Armory
SA single action, as opposed to double action (DA),
SAA Single Action Army; a famous design of revolver by Colt used in early America.
SAIS Sold As Is
SAK Swiss Army Knife
SAM Squad Advanced Marksman Rifle (20" match barrel upper with Leupold scope, used by the Marines)
SBR Short Barreled Rifle (a rifle whose barrel is less than 16" long as defined by the NFA)
SBS Side by Side (shotgun)
SCR Scratch
SJHP Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
SJSP Semi-Jacketed Soft Point
SLR Self Loading Rifle
SMG Sub Machine Gun
SN Serial number
SP Soft Point or Spire Point
Spl. Special
SPR Special Purpose Rifle
Sprg. Springfield Armory, (also SA)
SPTZ Spitzer
SRC Sturm, Ruger & Company
SS Short sleeves (in clothing)
SS Sweet Sixteen
SS Stainless Steel
SS or 925 Sterling Silver
Sts Sights
SW Smith & Wesson
SWC Semi-WadCutter
SZ Size
TC Truncated Cone
TCH Tactical Carry Handle
TCU Thompson/Center and (Wes) Ugalde
TM Technical Manual
TMJ Total Metal Jacket
TSW Team Smith & Wesson
USPS United States Postal Service
USRAC US Repeating Arms Company
VFG Vertical Fore/Forward/Front Grip
VLD Very Low Drag
VR Very rare
W/, w With
WBY Weatherby
WC WadCutter
WCF Winchester Center Fire
Win Winchester
WMR Winchester Magnum Rimfire
WSSM Winchester Super Short Magnum
WWB Winchester White Box (ammunition)
WYSIWYG What you see is what you get
XCR eXchangeable Caliber Rifle
XL Extra large
XS Extra small
XXL or 2XL Extra extra large
XXXL or 3XL Extra extra extra large

Legal Disclaimer

The information provided herein is intended merely as a guide for users. does not make, and nothing in this list is intended to constitute, any warranties, guarantees, representations or assurances about the use and/or accuracy of the information in item listings. Trademarks and brands referred to and contained in this list are the property of their respective owners.